All of Bali's independent surf coaches in one place.
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Gimmick-free Environment
Explore real local spirit as it is. Being a traveler is cooler than being a tourist.
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Pay for your lessons directly, avoiding extra markup fees. You only need your coach and board for the lesson
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Set and settings defined by you, in the companionship of the like. Choose your wavemates.
Private lessons with surf instructors as it is
Most of these guys aren't native English speakers, but what does it matter, if they are native surfers? They grew up on the waves. Direct quotes of instructors introducing themselves, no alterations (almost)
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Private sessions with surf photographers
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Are you an instructor, a coach, or a surfing photographer?
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Forever Beginner (WaveMates creator):
"Your relationship with the ocean is very personal, you cannot start that relationship just by sharing it with random people. I would like to choose my mates, and you - yours. The ones who will teach you in your own language. The ones who inspire you, those who are on the same wavelength as you. I am creating this network of surfing coaches, for myself, and for you, too. While I'm learning to surf (and that's lifelong), I will be finding new instructors, coaches and photographers for them to join WaveMates. I'm hopeful this stock-photo picture will be replaced by my own soon"
I'm going to share about my progress with different coaches - follow my blog on Instagram
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