Masha Fedorova

Digital marketing manager, content creator, creative producer and copywriter

I provide services for ad agencies, marketing companies and organizations. I create brand strategies,
ad campaigns, special projects, landing page websites, social network pages, content, banners, and much more.
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Agency experience
My career in advertising started in 2004. I have worked with several big companies in Ukraine ("OK Internet", "Winner Imports"). In 2010-12, I have worked as a content creator at the "GRAPE" Agency, Moscow. Later on, since 2013, I have become the Senior lead content creator at RTA GRAPE Group.
Portfolio excerpts. Ad Campaigns
Digital marketing campaigns, KV, slogans and scripts, creating presentations, working with producer teams - management and control.
Zewa. Winter walks planner
This online service helped plan the routes for the cozy and healthy winter walks outside. The app was also suggesting helpful tips on what to take with you depending on the weather forecast, also reminding to bring the zewa tissues. (Developed with the Jami team).
Micrazim. Reward yourself
This was a fun online test intended to check if users deserved to treat themselves to something nice, and then they would get a permit to treat themselves to a tasty yet unhealthy snack, implying they would take care of their digestive system with Micrazim (developed with the Jami team).
La Roche-Posay. Care for children that can't be cuddled
Project intended to help children suffering from Epidermolisys Bullosa (butterfly disease). Fundraising campaign at the website where people could donate for pain-relief product from La Roche-Posay. During the campaign we gathered bloggers to meet with these children and do fun activities with them. (Developed with the Jami team).
Portfolio excerpts. Landing pages
Copywriting, content creation, builder-based website development, collaborating with artists to create unique graphic content
Portfolio excerpts. Banners, graphics
Developing visual content storyboards, curating design and animation works
Portfolio excerpts. Social network content.
Developing guidelines, content strategies. Running accounts, setting up promo-posts and personalized ads. Russian, Ukrainian and English language.
Portfolio excerpts. Copywriting and content management
Developing key messages and promotional offers, brand naming, content planning. Writing articles, developing newsletters, website content etc. Besides writing emails, I can customize and set up newsletters with mailchimp, conveed, elastic etc. Russian, Ukrainian, English languages.
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Clients' Reviews
How I work
I live in Tbilisi and I work remotely. (I can move to anywhere in the world though, if I'm super-interested in a job and if there's an ocean :).
Time-based pay ($30/hour). Pay for big amounts of time may be adjusted. Besides contracting with you personally, I can gather the needed team of professionals for the project specifically.
I'm always happy to start a new project
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